Feedback is essential to our learning and career development. It’s at the heart of effective teams and working relationships. But we find that so many teams still avoid giving feedback to one another or handle it so poorly that it makes matters worse.

I’ve worked with many organisations to help them develop and cultivate an effective feedback culture.  We use FED – a coaching approach to giving feedback – a model designed to ensure that feedback is useful, and facilitates the learning of others. It also helps us avoid the pitfalls of advice-giving, making assumptions, blaming, or giving empty praise.

Effective feedback is something that needs to be deliberately practiced – so many of us have had the training, but human nature means we can easily fall back into old habits of poor feedback (or feedback avoidance!).  To help with this, we’ve developed an online course that can support ongoing development, and practice. We’re finding that it’s especially helpful to leaders and managers wanting to cascade and embed this learning to their wider teams. The course is available for individual purchase or can be made available to your teams or staff through a discounted group purchase.  Find out more about the course here.