Are you pulling in the same direction?

‘Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.’

– Henry Ford

There are a number of key questions that all groups need to ask themselves in deciding whether they need to be a team or not:

  • Does this group have a shared purpose?
  • Are there less than 8 people in the group?
  • Is the work of the group interdependent – if one person doesn’t deliver the others can’t?
  • Is the leader willing and able to adapt their style to the needs of the group?

If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ then there can be huge benefits from investing time in developing your team to its full potential. The benefits of having a high performing team are significant:

  • People working in supportive high performing teams have a greater engagement with work
  • Less management time is spent dealing with day to day activity
  • Disagreements and conflict are dealt with in a constructive way
  • High performing teams, produce more, work faster and generate more revenue than other groups

The following are ways we can help to develop your team:

Team Development Workshops
This workshop will help your team to establish the most effective way of working. Based on the building blocks of effective teams you will diagnose where the team is now and develop a comprehensive six month team development plan.

”One of my teams went through a bespoke development programme led and designed by Deborah and became one of the most high performing teams I have ever had the joy to work with’

Team Role Workshops
This workshop uses the Belbin team inventory to explore the different roles people take in your team. This can help the team to understand and utilise the strengths of each team member and also to gain a better understanding of the dynamics within the group.

‘The team still refer to some of the activities we did in the session to remind us of the team dynamics we explored in the workshop.’

If you are planning an important meeting or workshop that you would like someone else to manage we can provide trained and expert facilitation to enable you to concentrate on the content rather than the process. We have facilitated hundreds of strategy workshops, scenario planning days, focus groups and team diagnostic sessions.

‘Deborah is very easy going and good natured, likeable.  Good attention to detail and a great facilitator…manager of people….focal point…..has a presence.’