In this section I have listed some of the books that I have enjoyed reading and have learned from.  There are also links to a number of articles and PowerPoint presentations which I hope you will find useful.  Please do e-mail me if there are any books. websites or articles that you think could be added to these pages.

Difficult Conversations


Vital Conversations by Alec Grimsley
‘Making the impossible conversations possible. A new and practical approach for identifying, preparing and engaging in those difficult ‘must have’ conversations’

Difficult Conversations by Anne Dickson
‘What to say in tricky situations without ruining the relationship’

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott
‘Achieving success in work and in life, one conversation at a time.’

Powerpoint Presentation: Difficult Conversations

Assertive Communication


Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
‘Fear of tackling an issue with your boss, fear of getting to grips with a problem in your home. Fear of change. Fear of taking control… Everyone has these fears and they run throughout our lives. Susan Jeffers book shows how to break this Catch 22 cycle and work through fear to resolution.’

Change Your Life With Emotional Intelligence by Christine Wilding
This book is one of the Teach Yourself series and is a practical introduction to the theory and practice of emotional intelligence.

The Self Esteem Workbook by Lynda Field
‘The Self Esteem Workbook is packed with practical and effective techniques and exercises which will help to bring a new sense of creativity and vision to your life. The book shows you how to develop and put into practice a self-esteem action plan to meet your own specific needs.’

Assertiveness at Work by Ken Back and Kate Back
‘A practical guide to handling awkward situations. This book tackles all the awkward situations that arise with flatter structures, tough workloads and the need to exert influence across traditional boundaries’

Developing Your Assertiveness Skills by Deborah Dalley
Practical ways to communicate more effectively

Powerpoint presentation: Assertive communication

Handout: Control Trilogy

Effective Influencing


Developing Your Influencing Skills by Deborah Dalley and Lois Burton
‘A guide to developing the 7 traits of influential people’

A Step by Step Guide to Influencing Effectively by Deborah Dalley and Lois Burton

Persuasion – The Art of Influencing People by James Borg

Handout: Power to Influence 

Coping with Increasing Demands


Get Everything Done and Still have Time to Play by Mark Forster
‘Regain control over your own life, overcome resistance and procrastination, cope with interruptions, emergencies and deadlines and learn how to say no.’

10 Steps to Positive Living by Windy Dryden

Making Teams Work


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Creating Effective Teams by Susan Wheelan

Website: Belbin Team Roles

Powerpoint Presentation: Leading and developing teams

Managing Change and Transitions


Managing Transitions by William Bridges

Change Management – The People Side of Change by Jeffrey.M.Hiatt and Timothy.J.Creasey

How to Change Absolutely Anything by Damian Hughes

Handout: Change and Transition curve