Film clip from our upcoming online course on handling difficult conversations

Difficult Conversations

There are many things that can make a conversation difficult.  These are conversations with high stakes and potential consequences, or where opposing viewpoints have to be reconciled. There may be historical baggage or unresolved issues being brought to the table. Emotions can become charged – including our own.

Difficult conversations require planning and consideration.  In the new year, we will be launching our next online course which will help you and your teams to learn the skills for handling difficult conversations effectively. We’ve designed the course so that any member of staff can learn these skills as part of their professional development.

The course will include

  • Short acted films depicting how to handle difficult conversations in different contexts, and how to handle:
    • Aggression and defensiveness
    • Tears and distress
    • Silence
    • The flight to health (i.e. the other person brushes over the issue, saying everything is fine)
    • Managing your own emotions and demeanour
  • Video tutorials with discussion and analysis
  • Self-reflective exercises

Difficult Conversations Online Course
Please get in touch for more information. E-mail: info@deborahdalley.com