9781849370578Would you like to be better at communicating your idea and feelings?


Discover the tools and techniques to become a more assertive communicator – this book is is full of practical tips, case studies and exercises.




In this book you will discover how to:

  • recognise different forms of behaviour and identify your dominant behaviour type
  • find ways to develop confidence to deal with a range of situations
  • use the right words, tone and body language to behave assertively
  • communicate confidently when you want to say no, raise an awkward issue, stand your ground or disagree with someone
  • prepare for challenging conversations using a structured framework
  • manage your emotions during difficult encounters

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Amazon reviews:
‘I cannot rate this book highly enough. I have learned a lot about myself and already am reaping the rewards of having followed the course. Not only that but I have used the information to improve the lives of those around me. An essential read for anyone who is not satisfied with the communication that is going on in their lives currently and wants to understand why, and do something about it.’

‘Wow! When I finished reading this very well presented book it felt as if I was walking down memory lane. I thought of so many scenarios that I had been faced with both in personal life and work life that exactly mirrored the situations described in the book. This would have been a really handy guide in human behaviour when I started work back in my teens! The layout of the book, especially the exercises are designed to help you examine closely your thoughts in a variety of given situations so that your responses to requests that you are not comfortable with can result in a win win situation without compromising your own beliefs and wants and unnecessary guilt. There are no wasted words in this book, it encapsulates the ideas of good communication in a workable manner that benefits everyone. I highly recommend it.’

‘I’ve given the book 5 stars as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This book is for anyone, who at times feels as though they need to draw on inner reserves to overcome certain uncomfortable situations. It highlights the fact that assertiveness is not about winning but about compromise.’