What makes some people more influential than others?


This book answers that question, it will help you to identify ways to increase your influence at work and at home. It explains how becoming more influential is not about using manipulative techniques to get your own way but is about developing a set of beliefs and behaviours that make you a more influential force. We have identified 7 traits that influential people share and, the good news is, they can be developed.


In this book you will discover how to:

  •   Decide what your influencing goals are and state them in a compelling way.
  •   Find ways to increase your credibility rating with other people.
  •   Develop stronger and more trusting relationships.
  •   Inspire others to follow your lead.
  •   Become a more influential communicator.
  •   Avoid manipulative practice and become more authentic

Packed with case studies, exercises and practical tips, the book will help you to develop the traits required to become a more influential person.

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Amazon reviews:
‘I have been studying how to influence people for years and I thought I knew it all – I was wrong. Of course I don’t actually practice it all and that is what this book is about. It gets straight through the theory and puts you – the reader – in a place where you can immediately put into practice what you have learnt.’

‘Long enough to be meaningful but short enough to read without being intimidated. Most importantly unlike so many other business books you will not be bored. The authors get straight to the point without any of the oh so common waffle and management speak.’

‘Most importantly this is a practical workbook, designed to be written on as you reflect on the ideas it puts forward. Use it as part of a formal course or for enlightened self learning. Which ever way you use it you won’t be disappointed and if you are a manager or business owner it is worth giving to your staff.’