Creating Choice - a coaching workshop for people ready for change (1)Facing uncertain times?

Considering a career change?

Wishing you could get a bit more focussed, a bit more motivated?

Re-entering the workplace after a career-break?

Wondering what really drives you and gives you a sense of  purpose?

How we can help

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time planning trips or buying a car. But how many of us put that kind of time into time into reflecting on our plans for ourselves?

This session gives you a full day to explore not only what your choices are, but, more importantly, which ones are right for you.

We’ll look at what really matters to you, and what matters less. What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of?

We’ll also look at what could stop you from making changes – and start to work out whether those barriers are real or based on untested perceptions.

By the end of this day you will have:

  • Clarity over your personal goals and aspirations
  • Insight over what drives you – and what holds you back
  • A realistic plan for action and growth that you will feel confident about starting immediately


Our approach is fundamentally a creative and self-empowering one. You’ll apply techniques to help you raise self-awareness, explore realistic options, and make the choices that are right for you, and that can be turned swiftly into action.

What will it be like? You can expect to

  • Feel supported in a completely confidential, ethical environment
  • Learn more about yourself and what you want
  • Think and work in a creative, interactive way
  • Possibly have some of your beliefs challenged


Deborah Dalley, coach, facilitator and trainer, with a genuine enthusiasm for helping people to explore ways to deal with situations that they are finding difficult or challenging. This can range from providing coaching support to an individual who needs to have a courageous conversation to guiding a department or team through a culture change programme. Her work is characterised by building strong relationships with clients, honesty and a commitment to ensuring practical outcomes.


Photo on 27-06-2015 at 13.34 Joy Palmeran experienced coach who works with both teams and individuals. She works with small independent business-owners, senior leaders grappling with large strategic challenges in major organisations, and people struggling to overcome limiting habits and behaviours in their work and personal lives.