There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity…
(Tom Peters)

Effective influencing is the ability to persuade someone to act or behave differently.
It is important to recognise that this is not about being tactical, it is not controlling someone or manipulating their behaviour it is about getting them to move willingly. True influence is when we gain support and commitment from others by fully explaining our position and taking time to assess their views and needs. It is the ability to achieve our personal objectives whilst building, or at least maintaining, productive working relationships with others.

Developing your ability to influence more effectively will enable you to:

  • Build relationships based on trust which foster collaborative working
  • Increase your credibility rating with other people
  • Inspire others to follow your lead
  • Develop persuasive communication techniques
  • Avoid manipulative practice and therefore maintain strong working relationships
  • Develop your career positively

The following are ways that we can help:

Effective Influencing Workshop
The aim of this half day workshop is to provide individuals with the opportunity to explore the true nature of influence and impact through a series of inputs, group experiences and feedback. Delegates will explore the different ways people can be influenced and identify ways to develop their influencing skills.

Developing Your Influencing Skills Book
A Guide to the 7 Traits of Influential People – this book will give you the keys to successfully increase your influence at home and at work. It explains how becoming more influential is not about using manipulative techniques to get your own way but is about developing a set of beliefs and behaviours that make you a more influential force.  More information

A Step by Step Guide to Influencing Effectively
This is a short and practical workbook will take you through a six step process to use when you are trying to influence the outcome of a specific situation. More information