getting your message across

‘I need to start to say no to some things but I just don’t know how to do it without feeling guilty’

‘Our departmental meetings are so dull – there must be ways to make them more interesting, interactive and useful.’

I would love my presentations to have more of a wow factor’

I often know that I want to say something but the moment has gone before I have had time to decide how to phrase it.’

Communication is the cornerstone of working life and most successful people recognise the need to invest time in developing their ability to get their message across in the most effective, memorable and emotionally intelligent way.

The following are ways we can help:

Assertive Communication Skills Workshop
This one day workshop concentrates on practical skills that will enable you to deal with every day and difficult situations more effectively.  It will help you to communicate more confidently when you want to say no, raise an awkward issue, stand your ground or disagree with someone.

Beyond Presentations Master Class
This workshop is designed for people that are already competent presenters but want to know how to lift their presentations to a new level.  In it we will share the 7 things that turn a presentation from good to great.

‘The feedback from Deborah and the course itself were invaluable. It helped me to overcome the stressful situation of delivering a message to a resistant audience and to over-ride the resistance in me and the team’

‘This course has helped me to find a way to present things in a way that I feel is authentic, confident and credible – to move from ‘acting’ a presentation to delivering it as myself’

Managing Meetings Workshop
Many managers report that as much as 75% of their working day is spent in meetings and so managing them well is a key skill. The workshop will focus on your influence and effect on other members of a meeting and provide an opportunity to receive feedback on your ability to plan and participate in meetings.

Meetings Audit
If you have a meeting that is not working we can help by observing that meeting and providing verbal and written feedback on the process and behaviours and recommend ways to make that meeting more productive and engaging.

Developing Your Assertiveness Skills Book
This book will provide you with the tools to become a more assertive communicator.  It is full of practical tips, case studies and exercises to help you to build your skills and handle a range of situations more confidently. More information