Do you dread conversations like this?

‘If you think you need to have a conversation you probably do.’

Initiating conversations about things like poor performance, inappropriate behaviour or bad news are not things any of us look forward to.

Do you ever need to?

  • Have conversations with staff about areas such as performance and attitude?
  • Raise a sensitive issue with a colleague, friend or family member?
  • Discuss a relationship problem with someone?
  • Ask your manager for a pay rise or a promotion?
  • Tell a member of staff that their job is changing or hours reducing?
  • Communicate a decision that you know will cause disappointment?

These are the conversations that people find challenging and having worked with coaching clients on all of these areas I have helped them to:

  • Identify exactly what the conversation is about
  • Develop the confidence to address the situation
  • Find ways to manage their own emotional state
  • Deliver the message in a way that is clear and yet sensitive
  • Handle the reactions and emotions of the other person

The following are ways we can help:

Handling Difficult Conversations Workshop
One of the most commonly cited reasons for not having certain conversations is the fear of doing it badly and making the situation worse. This half day workshop will help you to review the reasons why we put off having these conversations and will provide practical ways to prepare and handle those critical encounters.

Preparing for a Difficult Conversations Workbook
If you cannot wait for a training workshop and there is a conversation that you know you need to have this downloadable workbook may be the answer. In clear and logical steps it will help you to prepare your approach to the conversation. Coming soon.

Developing Your Assertiveness Skills Book
This book will provide you with the tools to become a more assertive communicator. It is full of practical tips, case studies and exercises to help you to build your skills and handle a range of situations more confidently.  More information.

Difficult Conversations Online Course – Coming Soon
Please get in touch for more information: E-mail: