QUOTE_008SThe purpose of coaching is to help you to review a situation that you want to change and develop a plan to change it – as your coach I will work with you to help you identify the areas in which you want to develop and assist you to find a way to achieve that. Coaching is a one to one relationship and is results focused, it is an aspirational process not a remedial one. My coaching style is largely non-directive and I will work with you to help you set goals, explore possible solutions and develop action plans.

My role is to provide encouragement, motivation and support as well as to stimulate creativity, challenge and help replace wishful thinking with practical reality. I have worked as a management and leadership trainer for the last 25 years and so will, when appropriate, offer coachees management theory and practice to support the coaching process.  Most coaching takes the form of a series of one and a half to two hour sessions over a period of several months.

During the first session we will discuss the areas that are going to be worked on during the process. Some examples might be:

  •  Tackling a performance issue at work
  • Developing confidence and self esteem
  • Career development
  • Developing an effective team
  • Improving an important relationship at work
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • Becoming more influential
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Achieving an effective life work balance

I don’t have all the answers however I will help you to find the way forward by making sure you are asking the right questions.

I have been providing leadership and management coaching for the last 15 years to managers within the higher education sector, local authorities, the NHS and small business owners.

What people say:

‘I have worked with Deborah through 1 to 1 coaching and she has helped me pare back the distractions to focus on the core issues and look at resolving these.’

‘Working with Deborah has given me increased confidence in my abilities and as a result we co-presented at a recent annual conference.  I would not have had the confidence to do this without her help.’

‘In a sensitive manner Deborah leads you to the answer through questioning.  Even when I knew the answer but didn’t really want to face up to it!’